Business Update: A Seminar for Clients and Friends of the Firm

By: Mary Anne Cody

Mackenzie Hughes attorneys strongly believe in keeping their clients informed on the latest developments in law and business.

The Firm will be offering a seminar on Friday October 16th at the Crown Plaza. There is no charge to attend.

The agenda will be as follows:

Bankruptcy Relief Strategies – How Bankruptcy Can be a Part of a Successful Turnaround Plan.   Neil Smith

Proposed New Overtime Regulations – The U.S. Department of Labor’s new proposed increase to the white collar salary threshold will be increased by regulations likely to be effective in early 2016.  We will explain which employees are affected and how CNY employers should start preparing now for these new regulations.   Jackie Jones

On the Way out the Door: Strategies to Protect your Business when Employees Leave –  Best practices for ensuring that when an employee leaves your company, your customers and or confidential information does not follow.   Chris Jones

How to Protect a Business in the Event of Divorce – An overview of what you need to know as a business owner or advisor in regards to the impact a shareholder’s divorce can have on the business.   Jillian McGuire

Saving Money On New York Real Property Taxes – an overview of New York State’s Real Property Tax System and how to challenge an unfair assessment.
Rick James

How to have your Company Benefit from an International Student – Overview of this program and the requirements and potential benefits for participation.
Ramon Rivera

Raising Equity Capital – We will discuss various types of private placements that are available to companies that are looking to raise equity capital.  James Nicoll

Online Privacy & Identity Theft –This presentation will explore online privacy issues from the perspective of both users and businesses.  It will also discuss the emerging threat of business identity theft.   John Sierotnik

The Family Business at a Crossroad: a One Act Play – An audience participation presentation to highlight the importance of careful planning to maintain a family business and to preserve family relationships.   Ami Longstreet, Anne Ruffer, Ryan Emery, Mary Anne Cody

If would like to attend this seminar, please fill in the registration form and email to or