It’s a Trap! Four Strategies for Turning Around a Struggling Company (That Almost Never Work)

As a bankruptcy practitioner, I have seen a fair share of business failures. Unless a company’s management is particularly nearsighted (or the failure is sudden and due to external forces), towards the end management teams do usually recognize that there are problems and try to correct them.

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Three Steps to Consider if a Customer is Going Down the Tubes

Imagine this scenario – your business has a major, long-time customer. The customer has been paying on its invoices, but payments have been coming more and more slowly, and there is now a substantial balance due on the account. On top of all that, you just sent them a large shipment of custom widgets on…

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Five Signs that Your Company is Doomed

We have seen a lot of companies go into bankruptcy over the years, and there are some common issues with most of them. These are issues that may not necessarily show up on the balance sheet, but in my experience they are sure signs that trouble is ahead. If some of the signs on this…

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