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To:  Our Clients and Friends

From:  Anne B. Ruffer, Chair of Executive Committee

Date:  March 30, 2020

Re:  COVID-19: Mackenzie Hughes Task Force

Prompted by the devastating effect that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had on the financial stability of the country, on March 27, the 2020 Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “Act” or “CARES”).  Described as the most comprehensive stimulus program since the Great Depression, the Act’s provisions are designed to provide both financial aid, and financial incentives to certain categories of business and taxpayers that have suffered most from COVID-19, and/or that are particularly integral to the efficient functioning of our economy and societal needs during this unprecedented pandemic.

Mackenzie Hughes LLP is prepared to meet any client’s needs in this unsettling time.

Our Executive Committee has assigned Attorneys Stephen T. Helmer (former managing partner) and Mary Anne Cody (partner in trust and estate/business departments) to assemble a Coronavirus Client Focused Task Force.  Both Steve and Mary Anne are prepared to field all inquiries and to direct clients to the firm’s attorneys who can best address these inquiries.  Steve can be contacted at or at 315-727-9570.  Mary Anne can be contacted at or at 315-396-6568.

Since the Act addresses a variety of legal disciplines, below please find a list of attorneys assembled  for you to contact directly regarding these legal disciplines as they apply to legislative changes as a result of the pandemic:

Business  opportunities:

James Nicoll,, 917-301-6535

Business Reorganizations:

Neil Smith,, 315-263-5710

Corporate restructures:

Richard Engel,, 315-289-6468


Chris Jones,, 315-450-2688

Force Majeure:

Brad Hunt,, 315-430-9030


Ami Longstreet,, 315-233-8263

Loans & Loan Forgiveness:

Fred Marty,, 315-559-0498

Tax Credits:

Mary Anne Cody,, 315-396-6568

If you are already working with a lawyer from Mackenzie Hughes not listed above, please feel free to contact him or her directly if you prefer and if that lawyer cannot provide you with quick answers, you will be directed to someone who can right away.

Each of these Task Force members will be able and ready to speak to any questions you may have that are within the scope of their expertise.

We hope that all of you stay healthy and safe in the difficult days to come. I can be reached at or 315-233-8269.


Media Contacts

Mary Anne Cody
Mackenzie Hughes LLP
(315) 233-8239

Andrew Brazill
ABC Creative Group
(315) 471-1002 x27