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Wealth Management

Mackenzie Hughes offers an integrated network of business and trust and estate practitioners that provide creative and comprehensive representation for individuals, their families, private businesses and non-profit entities.

Our attorneys have years of practical experience providing thoughtful, practical and creative planning. When you come to us for wealth management services, you recognize the need for professional assistance in dealing with constant change, whether in your personal circumstances, estate values or family makeup. We know you come to us at vital moments in your life. With sensitivity and discretion, we can counsel you through estate, trust and postmortem planning. We provide legal and financial advice for personal and business matters, and ensure the correct implementation of that advice.

More specifically, our firm has counseled a large number of clients with the transfer of family wealth and the transition of business ownership. We understand the unique challenges and complications that can occur in ownership and management during family business succession and estate planning. Our experts can structure these transfers in the most tax-efficient manner. Our team approach provides assistance with illiquid assets, first-generation wealth, and liability risks to family assets, utilizing the latest sophisticated wealth transfer strategies, including family limited partnerships, and charitable split-interest trusts.

In addition, our attorneys have close relationships with bank trust departments and professional advisors in the investment management, insurance and accounting fields. With such direct ties, we can enhance the value of service we provide by referring and connecting you with those financial advisors — many of whom work at our sister firm, Mackenzie Hughes & Hartnett Investment Advisors LLC.

We are a team of attorneys that passionately reflect the mark of Mackenzie Hughes — plain talk and exceptional expertise — with pride. A law firm with an extremely knowledgeable background in investment advisory services, backed by a group that represents clients in all aspects of the law, and one that will deliver advice to you in simple terms so that you can be comfortable in knowing the choices you make are the right ones for you.




Clayton H. Hale, Jr.

Partner and Co General Counsel

Ami S. Longstreet

Partner and Co General Counsel


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