Exercise Caution When Opening Joint Bank Accounts

Joint bank accounts are frequently used by spouses for a number of reasons but are typically created so each spouse can write checks from the shared account to take care of living expenses.  Joint accounts are tools of convenience, allowing for example one spouse to rely on the other to take care of the bills. …

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Beneficiary Designation Forms: A Good Estate Plan Is Not Complete Without A Review Of These As Well

Now that you are finally getting around to having your Will prepared or updated, or even considering adding a Revocable Trust to your planning documents, it is also important to plan for those assets that are subject to a document commonly referred to as a beneficiary designation form.  Most commonly, my clients inquire: Doesn’t my…

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Trusts and Wills: What if the document no longer fits the family situation?

A common complaint about the trust or will of a deceased ancestor is that the terms of the trust or will are not responsive to changed circumstances and events not contemplated at the time the instrument was signed. Trust beneficiaries may become disabled or improvident. Family members may develop conflicts. Tax laws may have radically…

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