Beneficiary Designation Forms: A Good Estate Plan Is Not Complete Without A Review Of These As Well

Now that you are finally getting around to having your Will prepared or updated, or even considering adding a Revocable Trust to your planning documents, it is also important to plan for those assets that are subject to a document commonly referred to as a beneficiary designation form.  Most commonly, my clients inquire: Doesn’t my…

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Another Reason to Move South – Creditor Protection of Retirement Plan Benefits for Floridians

In the fall of 2014, my colleague Betsy wrote an informative blog regarding a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that held that under federal law, an IRA that is inherited by an individual (i.e. the beneficiary) is not protected in bankruptcy.

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It’s Time To Reconsider IRA Beneficiaries

Have you named your children as beneficiaries of your IRA? Perhaps it is time to re-think that decision. A recent United States Supreme Court ruling raises concerns about asset protection and the designation of IRA beneficiaries. In June the high court unanimously ruled that, under federal law, an IRA that is owned by a beneficiary…

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