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What it Means to be a Trustee – Part 1

Flattered to be named a trustee? Curious as to what it all means? Great, we will do a number of blog posts on the duties and powers of a trustee. This is the first such blog post.

Trusts are used for a multitude of purposes. Estate planning, charitable gifts, disability planning, tax reduction and avoidance of probate are but a few uses for trusts. Despite these different purposes, the trustee has similar duties derived from the trustee’s status as a fiduciary. Continue reading “What it Means to be a Trustee – Part 1”

There is No Will; Now What Do I Do?

If your loved one has passed away without leaving a Will, you will now find yourself in the murky area of Voluntary Estate Administration. If someone passes with a Will, there is a “probate” of that Will. If there is no Will, then a qualified person must petition the Surrogate’s Court to be appointed the Administrator of the Estate. Continue reading “There is No Will; Now What Do I Do?”