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Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and talent to represent construction companies, developers, contractors, and financing companies in all aspects of the construction and development process. And that’s not just our opinion. We regularly work with some of the region’s most prominent architects, engineers, and builders on construction matters.

Mackenzie Hughes successfully defended a major regional contractor against a subcontractor’s $3 million claim, successfully defended a major regional hospital in a construction claim filed by a developer for $5 million, and successfully defended a local municipality from a claim for recovery of $3 million in construction cost overruns. Construction is a business, but successfully negotiating the industry’s unique legal issues requires far more than an average business lawyer is able to provide.

Making sure you have the best legal advice becomes even more important when you consider that construction cases often have far-reaching consequences; they can even impact a company’s future ability to do business.

Our extensive construction industry experience and skill can be exceptionally valuable in these areas:

  • Negotiation of construction contracts and terms
  • Financing (including public financing and bonding)
  • Right-to-build issues
    • zoning
    • land use
    • special permitting
    • interaction with municipal officials
  • Labor issues
    • project labor agreements
    • OSHA
    • prevailing wage
    • labor relations/collective bargaining
  • Liens (including mechanics’ liens)
  • Environmental compliance
  • Equipment financing
  • Litigation

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Our experienced attorneys will work with you to create meaningful legal solutions designed to help you make better business, personal planning and legal decisions.

Meet the Team



Dean J. DiPilato Joins Mackenzie Hughes LLP as Partner

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Dean J. DiPilato has joined Mackenzie Hughes LLP as a partner and will concentrate his legal practice in general commercial litigation (including construction and environmental matters), healthcare litigation, financial litigation, and intellectual property matters. With 18 years of experience as a litigator, DiPilato has worked at large law firms in Boston and…

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Barry M. Shulman Joins Mackenzie Hughes LLP as a Partner

Barry M. Shulman has joined Mackenzie Hughes LLP as a partner in the firm’s business department. With nearly 50 years of practicing law, Shulman has experience representing corporate and governmental organizations, including local, regional and state authorities. He negotiates complex commercial leases for landlords and tenants, as well as contracts for the acquisition and development…

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Helping Out Our Furry Friends As the cold weather approaches our area, pet owners in Syracuse should be aware of the new legislation passed in June of this year which stipulates that an animal shall not be left outside for more than two hours below 30 degrees or above 90 degrees.  The legislation, known as…

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The 411 on Construction Contract Insurance Provisions

Are you a business owner who is considering a physical expansion which may involve a construction project? If so, you will likely enter into a contract with the General Contractor (GC) or Construction Manager (CM) which you may believe provides you certain protections from potential personal injury claims from workers hurt on the project. You…

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Important Time Periods for New York Business Owners Contemplating Litigation

Perhaps you have seen commercials from personal injury law firms trying to convince you to call them immediately if you have been injured because your claim may be time-sensitive. While these firms are obviously trying to get your business, there is some truth in this type of statement. Virtually any claim you may have against…

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