Mackenzie Hughes won a major court decision relieving a national insurance company from responsibility to defend and indemnify a Fortune 500 insured against liability for pollution damage, and won affirmance of its victory on appeal.  On behalf of a policyholder, Mackenzie Hughes won a major court decision ordering an insurer to provide a defense in litigation involving attorney’s fees exceeding $200,000.

We have substantial experience counseling both insurance companies and policyholders, and we are widely recognized as a leading regional law firm in this field. In fact, several national insurance companies have entrusted us with their litigation in New York State.

We have an extensive practice counseling businesses and insurance companies about insurance coverage. Here our expertise is among the strongest in the area: we helped form New York insurance coverage laws through our participation in litigation that shaped them, particularly in the environmental area. And we represent insurance agencies in the legal aspects of their own businesses, including coverage issues, contracts, financing, business structure, mergers and acquisitions.

On behalf of policyholders, we’ve handled virtual every type of litigation funded by insurers, including products liability, asbestos exposure, malpractice, personal injury, automobile accidents, negligence and defamation claims.



Ryan T. Emery and Samantha L. Millier Named Partners at Mackenzie Hughes LLP

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Ryan T. Emery and Samantha L. Millier have been elected to the partnership at Mackenzie Hughes LLP. Emery joined Mackenzie Hughes in 2006 and focuses his practice in the areas of litigation, estate planning and estate administration. Admitted to both the New York and Florida Bar, he serves clients residing in both…

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Helping Out Our Furry Friends

Helping Out Our Furry Friends As the cold weather approaches our area, pet owners in Syracuse should be aware of the new legislation passed in June of this year which stipulates that an animal shall not be left outside for more than two hours below 30 degrees or above 90 degrees.  The legislation, known as…

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To Shovel, or Not to Shovel

Winter is upon us in Central New York, complicating our morning commutes and creating more work for us each morning as we clean off our cars and shovel our driveways. Recently, in the City of Syracuse, clearing snow from sidewalks has become a hot button issue as the Common Council contemplated whether to impose fines…

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The 411 on Construction Contract Insurance Provisions

Are you a business owner who is considering a physical expansion which may involve a construction project? If so, you will likely enter into a contract with the General Contractor (GC) or Construction Manager (CM) which you may believe provides you certain protections from potential personal injury claims from workers hurt on the project. You…

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